Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the use of the ‘Be-London’ website. When placing an order on our website you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions. Please be aware that the conditions have the potential to change at any given time and thus it is your responsibility to review conditions regularly should there be any changes; please do this before ordering any products. If in any instance you do not agree with any of the conditions then we advise you to discontinue usage of the website.

For any queries regarding the conditions please contact us at e_london@outlook.com going forward.


Be-London’s registered address is Unit 12A, Artworks Elephant Road
London, SE17 1AY United Kingdom. The following conditions apply between you and Be-London whenever a purchase is made from belondonfashion.com. These conditions do not affect your statutory rights. All items purchased from belondonfashion.com should be for your own personal and private use alone and are not permitted to be resold.

Please note that we recommend users that are 18 years and over, if you are under 18 years we recommend the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian. Please refrain from using this website if you are not qualified.

Please ensure that all details provided when ordering items on belondonfashion.com must be complete, true and accurate in all respects; please ensure that the payment card (debit/credit) used is in your name; please ensure that there are sufficient funds available in your account to complete any payments.

This warrants that you agree that email can be used to communicate with you as a long distance means.

While registering on our website you are required to choose a username and pass word in order to ‘log in’, thus you are responsibility to manage this long in and only used this account to purchase personal orders. Please make great efforts to protect your ‘log in’ details and by no means disclose them to others, making sure to change your ‘log in’ details should anyone else find out about them.

Please inform belondonfashion.com immediately if there are any changes to your personal details.

Please be aware that is illegal to use false or invalid information (e.g. name or credit card details). In the event that a person is caught using false or incorrect information by deliberate action, they will be fully persecuted according to the law. Please note that we track the electronic ‘fingerprint’ of each and every order placed on belondonfashion.com and this ensures that we as well as crime prevention authorities are able to trace specific individuals who may be involved in criminal activities while using our website.

Be-London reserves the right to terminate any agreements or end access to the website with immediate effect due to the following:

Failure to make payments

Terms and conditions are breached

Failure to provide information to verify the validity and accuracy of information you provide when requested to do so if there is reason to believe that you may have engaged or will engage in illegal and fraudulent activity on belondonfashion.com.

If conditions are broken

If you break any of these conditions, or if you have incurred any liabilities while using this website you agree that you are responsible for the costs and expenses that we or our employees, directors and suppliers may have incurred, this includes any legal fees. You are still liable for breach of conditions or fraudulent activities if another person uses your account.

Placing Orders

You agree that all information provided is accurate and complete when placing orders.

Every order is subject to availability of products and acceptance of orders. We will not place a charge on your debit or credit card if belondonfashion.com does not have the stock to deliver your order. Information for products is described for each individual product.

All prices are correct at time of visiting belondonfashion.com though we reserve the right to change prices of items at any given time.

It is your responsibility to check all details when confirming an order e.g. ensure email address is correct. Please contact us as soon as possible if you realise any incorrect information is given.

In the instance your order is not accepted we will contact you via email to explain reasons why.

When products are on sale, promotion codes, discount vouchers and offers cannot be used.