Privacy Policy

Protecting and safeguarding your privacy is extremely important to us at Be-London. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of how the information we collect is used in order to provide excellent service to you and also operate a better business.

Personal information collected online will be used to assist us with processing your order, keep you informed of any delays or issues and occasionally send you promotions and offers.

How is information collected?

There are different types of information that can be collected from you while browsing our website. For instance information such as what type of product you are in search of- this information is anonymous and is cumulated mainly for the improvement of the website it is by no means linked to any of your personal information (such as name and address).

You may request information about our products or you may want to participate in any of our promotions or online surveys; in our response we may ask you for personal information (e.g. email, name, address, telephone etc…) if you agree to provide this information we will use it to for the solicit purpose of enhancing our ability of providing excellent services to you. We would like to highlight that your personal information will only be used internally and we will not rent or sell our lists to any external parties.

Please note that by using our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy in general, and your provision of any personal information acknowledges that you agree to the terms and conditions contained in the privacy policy.

How is information stored?

On a regular basis we will obtain and store information both digitally and physically and we strive store your personal information in a secure location and what’s more we endeavour to control and limit access to this information.


We would like to highlight that email communication cannot be entirely considered as secure (e.g. from contact us section of website) hence please be advised not to include confidential information such as credit card information, when using email. We will ensure that in our response we will not include any confidential information.